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Universal 1" Ball Assembly with Strong Rod Clamp, DA-60 Double Socket Arm, and GB-01 Action Camera Mount - Perfect for Motorcycles, Bicycles, ATV/UTV, Scooters and More

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Product Introduction:

Upgrade Your Gear with the CC-04 Strong Rod Clamp, DA-60 Double Socket Arm, and GB-01 Action Camera Mount Interface - Made of Durable Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel, and Rubber for Use in Any Environment

This set is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who demand stability and durability from their gear. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and rubber with hard anodizing, this set is tough enough to handle even the harshest environments.

The CC-04 Strong rod clamp features four 1/4-20 screw holes on the base that allow you to add or match more accessories. With this, you can achieve multiple functions with just one base, saving you money and reducing the need for multiple devices.

The DA-60 Aluminum Alloy Double Socket Arm and GB-01 Action Camera Mount Interface are also made of durable materials, ensuring stability and strength when in use. Together, they provide a solid and reliable platform for mounting your action camera, making it perfect for motorcycles, bicycles, ATV/UTV, scooters, and other scenes.

Upgrade your gear today with this set, which includes the CC-04 Strong rod clamp, DA-60 Double Socket Arm, and GB-01 Action Camera Mount Interface - all in one package.








Brand: Fanaue Set includes: CC-04 x 1 and DA-60 x 1 and GB-01 x 1

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