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Keymod Rail Tripod Plate Adapter Mount BKMOD-140 with Safety Stop Screws,for Tripod Ball Head Ballhead,Compatible Arca Swiss RRS Dovetail

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Product Introduction:

Introducing the FANAUE Keymod Arca-Swiss Rail Adapter with RRS Tripod Dovetail Adapter – the ultimate solution for a stable shooting experience. This high-quality adapter is expertly crafted from precision CNC machined aluminum, ensuring durability and performance. Its Type III hard anodized finish provides exceptional resistance against corrosion and wear, guaranteeing long-lasting use.

The Arca standard base dovetail featured in this adapter allows seamless compatibility with the majority of Arca tripod ball heads. With two limit screws, you can confidently mount and adjust the adapter securely onto any rail, providing a reliable shooting platform tailored to your needs.

Key Features:

- Precision CNC machined aluminum construction for enduring strength
- Type III hard anodized finish for superior resistance to corrosion and wear
- Arca standard base dovetail compatible with a wide range of Arca tripod ball heads
- Two limit screws for secure and customizable mounting to any rail


- Enjoy a sturdy shooting platform that withstands the test of time
- Effortlessly install and adjust the adapter to suit your preferences
- Achieve secure and customizable mounting on any rail
- Versatile solution perfect for various shooting scenarios

Upgrade your shooting game with the FANAUE Keymod Arca-Swiss Rail Adapter with RRS Tripod Dovetail Adapter. Invest in this reliable accessory today to enhance your shooting experience and capture stunning moments with ease.


Weight: 67.5g Length: 140mm/5.57"
Width: 38mm/1.5" Height: 9mm/0.35"
Package included: 1 x KeyMod to Arca Adapter & 2 x KeyMod Screw Adapters & 1 x Allen Wrench Brand: FANAUE

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